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About Madd About Jamaica

Wah Gwaan? What's Up? Hello, how do you do?

Now that we've satisfied the greeting word count, let me introduce myself.

I'm Ashley!




Was that a bit anti-climatic? I promise that this Travel Blog won't be.

I'm the Principal Contributor here at Madd About Jamaica.

I'll be sharing my hotel stays, local eats, island adventures,

some useful travel tips - with a sprinkle of the occasional rant.


I quite like the sound of that. Do you?

From Excellence Oyster Bay in Trelawny to Hyatt ZIlara Rose Hall in Montego Bay,

we've got a lot of places to visit and all the time in the world.

So pack your bags and I'll meet you there!

Now that we're better acquainted, I already know your first question!

- Why did you spell 'mad' wrong? Oh PFFT, Would you have clicked if I had spelt it right?

Marketing schemes partially aside, my surname is Madden!

The play on words is only one of many shenanigans to expect as you journey with me.

If you can't already tell, I'm really excited that you're here.

Are you ready? Come and SEA Jamaica with me!

Photo of Ashley Simon-Madden, Principal Contributor of the Madd About Jamaica Travel Blog
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