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Stush in the Bush Review: A Farm-to-Table Dining Experience in Jamaica

Stush in the Bush had been on my radar for quite some time and when the opportunity to attend finally presented itself in the cool month of February 2022, I was already counting down the days! Stush in the Bush is a unique farm-to-table experience in the hills of Priory, St. Ann. Known for its fully plant based, homemade offerings, Stush in the Bush is nestled right in the backyard of the co-founders, a couple who have affectionately referred to themselves as “Stush” (Lisa) and “Bush” (Chris).

The Booking Process

Here's the kicker, Stush in the Bush is only open twice a week - on Fridays and Sundays at 1:00 PM. As you can therefore imagine, a booking is not easy to come by. While I didn't handle booking for my party directly, the Stush in the Bush website provides clear instructions for reservations and payment. The cost for this organic gastronomic experience is a cool sum of $165 USD per person. Click here to scan the calendar for available dates (Pro Tip: Be sure to read through the detailed list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your date of interest is booked out, fret not! There's also a waiting list, so get your reservation in early!

Forestry in Priory St. Ann near Stush in the Bush
Beautiful forestry by the Farm

First Impressions

It could have been my bubbling anticipation, but as a Kingstonian, it’s a bit of a drive. The hillside property fashions a bit of rough terrain as you head up. As they advised, we parked our vehicle at an area upon the hill where we awaited Chris (Bush) to make trips to and from the property with guests in his comfortable pickup truck.

Driving in a Pickup Truck to Stush in the Bush Restaurant
Travelling with Chris to the Restaurant

Pro Tip: Pick your shoes wisely y’all. I don't recommend wearing heels or suede!

On the Property

Chris was pleasant and warm, the view was lovely and before we knew it we’ve arrived at the entrance. They make it clear when booking that they have plenty of dogs and consider them family, in essence, they roam free.

Dogs on property at Stush in the Bush
Dogs on property at Stush in the Bush

If you’re not a dog lover this may be a bit off putting, but for me it was just the cutest thing. They were various hues of brown, very big but very calm and seemingly unphased by the continuous flow of persons arriving.

After my attempts to communicate and take pictures with the fur babies I began admiring the beautiful wooden structure that would be hosting us for the afternoon. Lisa (Stush) greeted us as her staff handed us welcome drinks and we found our table marked by a small tabletop chalk board with our groups names on it.

Guest Welcome Board at Stush in the Bush
Stush in the Bush Guest Welcome Board

The windows were almost floor to ceiling and let in warm sunlight, we couldn’t help but stare out of them. The environment is relaxed and we settled into our seats right before being ushered to tour their farm from which all of our meals would be sourced from. Chris, who led the tour while Lisa stayed in the restaurant, shared numerous facts about and history behind the farm, including their love story. After an enlightening walk down memory lane, we were ready to eat!

A Table Setting at Stush in the Bush
A Table Setting at the Restaurant

The Pièce de Résistance - Food & Drinks

The food, the food, the food. I still dream of it to this day. Meat where? We didn’t miss her. Each meal was plated and thoroughly described as made with love and care. Everything down to the avocado oil in the dish is made from their farm by them. In terms of allergies, they state that although they have strict cross contamination policies there is still a possibility that it may occur as many of their items include nuts, gluten, dairy etc. but it’s still best to let them know!

We started with appetizer platters, multiple courses, straight to dessert. Each dish had complex tastes and textures from savory to sweet and the use of plants in ways I have never seen before. Even the coconut “sugar” we added to our tea was a treat.

Aromatic Tea with Coconut "Sugar"

I particularly remember the “pizza” topped with sooo many flavour rich toppings and farm fresh herbs. I can still feel the warmth from the oven fresh beignets that were pillow soft and drizzled with a creamy passion fruit glaze.

Vegan "pizza" topped with herbs and spices
Beignets with passionfruit glaze

Every dish left me even more curious for the next. From the homemade bread and “butter” to the jackfruit tacos and then on to desserts like fresh beignets and citrus palate cleansers. Everything was delicious and as good as it looked!

Jackfruit Tacos

Overall Rating

Verdict: 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Stush in the Bush Tablescape

Stush in the Bush may be a little on the costly side for a restaurant, but it truly presents itself as an experience more than anything. I left feeling ready to return and surprised to be as full as I was. I would recommend experiencing Stush in the Bush at least once.

It is perfect for milestone occasions like bridal showers, birthdays (private bookings also available) and can be appreciated by all ages. The experience is best enjoyed in a group and is truly memorable for all who attend. I haven’t met a person who went who did not want to return. Chris and Lisa have truly created something special that is equal parts charm and gastronomic excellence!

Do you have any questions about Stush in the Bush? Drop them in the comments section below.

A group enjoying a meal at Stush in the Bush
Enjoying the charm and gastronomic excellence

About the Guest Contributor

Born in California, USA and arriving to the shores of Jamaica at the age of 6 years old in 2000 with her Jamaican parents, Khloé Clarke has set her roots into the soil of the island. As a lover of nature, food and random facts, Khloé (28) is always interested in new and fresh experiences. She isn't a fan of the question "What do you do for fun?" but if she were to summarize she'd say laughing deeply, watching movies, hanging with friends and of course, eating.

A Marketing/Psychology degree and a few corporate jobs later, Khloé now partners in business, with her Mother/Best friend in their event management and production company, An Elegant Affair, where they have corporate clients and also create their own projects/event experiences (such as CampLuxe - Jamaica's premier glamping experience). Her faith is most important and she has Jesus on speed dial. All in all, Khloé is a lover of life.

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. All opinions and photos are exclusively those of the Author.

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