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We're here! So now what?

What?! You're here?!

Welp...I hope you didn't fly to Jamaica solely based on this blog. Well at least not yet! This first blog post of mine will tell you absolutely nothing about any of the hotels/resorts here.

I'm using my first post to set the stage, lay the foundation, establish ground rules and (insert any other similar expression here).


Here's the basic outline of my plan thus far. I'm going to do a separate blog post about every hotel/resort I visit during my vacation. There are some key elements I will cover in each review, namely:

  1. The time of year I went

  2. Hotel Location

  3. Room - the category and features

  4. Amenities - including Entertainment

  5. Food

  6. Customer Service

  7. The 'Madd Factor' - basically, what I think this hotel has that others don't. Impacts the likelihood of a repeat visit.

I intend to give each hotel an average weighting out of 10 based on some of the elements mentioned, so that some solid comparions, where applicable, can be made. How mi soun'? Can that plan work? - Let me know if I've missed anything!

My husband and I work hard and strongly believe that annual vacations are an investment. As such ROI is due and we want a high yield. I should get my money's worth and so should you!

So, to whet your appetite a bit (and really to keep me accountable), here's a list of the hotels I've been to so far (in no rank order) and the reviews to be expected:

  1. Spanish Court Hotel - Kingston

  2. Beaches Boscobel - St. Mary

  3. Hyatt Zilara - St. James

  4. Excellence Oyster Bay - Trelawny

  5. Melia Braco - Trelawny

  6. Royalton Negril - Westmoreland

  7. Moon Palace Jamaica - St. Ann

  8. Couples Tower Isle - St. Mary

  9. Secrets Wild Orchid - St. James

  10. Iberostar Grande - St. James

Join the community and be the first to know when my next post launches!

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